San Diego Litigation Attorney

The O Law Corporation provides a wide range of legal and litigation services in San Diego county. OLC's services include Employment Litigation in San Diego (representing both employees and employers), HR Consulting, Business Entity Formation, Consumer Litigation, Personal Injury in San Diego, including Car Accidents in San Diego, and Unfair Business Practices according to Business Law in San Diego.

Car Accidents & Personal Injury

Car accidents and personal injury can be life changing events that you may or may not be prepared for. We understand and we provide thorough, detailed legal analysis and litigation services at very competitive rates. It is our duty to our clients to leave no issue unexamined and to apprise them of all available solutions. Our San Diego attorneys and lawyers comprise a San Diego law firm with substantial experience in litigation of car accidents and personal injury in San Diego. If you've been injured in a car or auto accident it's important to secure a San Diego attorney who has experience with car accident personal injury cases and who know the San Diego litigation environment, practices and laws. Our San Diego lawyers went to both undergraduate and law school in San Diego, and know the area very well both personally and from a legal context.

Employment Labor Law

Employment litigation is a significant part of our practice and we handle employment lawsuits and actions regularly. Our experience ranges from employment lawsuits to consumer class actions to large class actions or overtime cases. If you feel you have been denied pay or benefits unjustly, contact us to find out if you have an employment claim. Many labor law issues are very clear when it comes to the actual laws, despite the way businesses abuse and neglect the labor laws, and you shouldn't be denied benefits that are due to you.

The O Law Corporation serves the southern California area from San Diego, CA. If you are in San Diego or southern California, feel free to contact us for a free evaluation. Our San Diego law firm can help you get the justice you deserve.